Webinar Sessions

Hello RoboSub Teams!
We have been receiving quite a few "How to" questions over the past couple months. To promote an open discussion and sharing of knowledge to further advance RoboSub team's vehicles, CUAUV would like to start weekly webinar sessions beginning this Saturday 10/25/14. Webinars (web seminars) will take place over 'Google Hangouts On Air' for about an hour with all the teams that are interested. Each webinar will be dedicated to unique topics such as Sealing Custom Enclosures, Hydrophones System, and Vision Modules. Here is our planned schedule for the webinars:

Please note that these times are in Eastern Daylight Time.

CUAUV Welcomes New Members!

Congratulations to our new team members across all the subteams.

CUAUV is recruiting for the 2014-2015 year!!!

CUAUV is recruiting! We're looking for enthusiastic new members to join our mechanical, electrical, software, and business/PR teams!

Learn about the team at one of our upcoming info sessions:
- Saturday, August 30th from 3:00-4:30PM, RPCC 205 (Auditorium)
- Sunday, August 31st from 3:00-4:30PM, RPCC 205 (Auditorium)
- Tuesday, September 2nd from 5:00-6:30PM, Upson Hall 211

Applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied. We are looking forward to another successful year!

CUAUV getting spotlight

Mark representing CUAUV and showcasing Gemini to KPBS

With our success in RoboSub2014, CUAUV has been receiving much attention from local news media, tech firms, and Cornell University. Below are some links that features CUAUV at the competition.

Recap of RoboSub 2014

CUAUV cheesing with our friend and another successful team, McGill

There is a profound proverb that states "time flies when you are having fun". That wise saying could not resonate stronger with the past week we've had in San Diego. Although we've had our fair share of unforeseen challenges, sleepless nights, 4AM early shifts, and endless debugging of the vehicle, we came out with another successful vehicle and a fantastic final run. But more importantly, it was an opportunity for our team to grow stronger, become closer, and more experienced.

Towards the end of the final day, we participated in an AUV race formula-car racing style with our friend and rival, University of Florida. With both teams on the sideline and two vehicles in water, Krill counted down, and software members drove the sub. Subjugator bolted past, and Gemini was forced to eat Subjugator's bubbles.