Sharing our passions with the community.

Boy and Girl Scouts

Our boy and girls scouts events invite local troops to campus and exposes them to the excitement of engineering. We help the scouts achieve merit badges like coding, robotics and computer safety, and help them interact with engineering students. This helps them not only learn useful skills, but helps them explore their interests in engineering and other STEM fields. This involves AUV in the local community, and imparts our love of engineering to the younger generation.


Engineering Diversity Hosting Weekend

During Cornell days and other prospective student events, AUV participates in lab demos and activities with prospective engineers from around the country. We show prospective freshmen what it is like to be an engineering student, do activities with them, and answer any questions they may have. Engineering diversity events are especially important to us, because we can engage with students from underrepresented backgrounds and show them that anyone can succeed in engineering at Cornell.



The BOOM (Bits on our Minds) showcase is hosted by Cornell's Computer and Information Science (CIS) department every year. We showcase our work alongside other project teams, CIS research, and independent projects to help the Cornell community and the public understand the potential and function of AUV. We also interact with different companies and teams, and learn about all of the new projects happening on campus. We've have received the BOOM's People's Choice Award multiple times over the years.


Raw Expo

RAW Expo is a yearly exposition about the creative process on campus. Along with other project teams and organizations, we demonstrate the messy and non-linear process of building underwater autonomous vehicles. The intent of this Expo is to expose non-engineering students to the creative processes in engineering, and highlight some of our creative design work as well. We also use it as an opportunity for inspiration for apparel, design, and creative ways of working.