The team joined many other Cornell student projects for the Bits On Our Mind showcase in March. We got the chance to show off our past and present vehicles, engage with other student innovators, and interact with the community. We were inspired by the innovative and collaborative atmosphere of the event, and even got some time in the spotlight. Check out a video recapping the event that features CUAUV and members Ricardo Stephen '18 and Jonathan Chan '18.

CUAUV Welcomes Lockheed Martin Junior Explorers

High school and middle school students part of Lockheed Martin's Junior Explorers program visited the lab for a tour today. Members got to talk with some of the area's most passionate middle and high school students and share with them some of the challenges of building underwater and autonomous robots. We'd like to give a special thanks to Cornell Rocketry Team for joining us and showing their newest rocket, Chewbacca!

Lockheed Martin Junior Explorers

May Vehicle Update

Steady progress has been made on Argo’s functionality. The vehicle now sees regular time in Teagle pool as its hulls have successfully passed pressurized leak tests. The mechanical team continues work on its custom thrusters and second semester projects, which includes battery charging stations, an enclosure for a custom pinger, and the minisub. The electrical team is busy on their projects as the semester winds down, with development focused on improving the reliability of thruster boards, CAN drivers, and power distribution. Software team is collecting vision and sonar data for its vision modules and developing controllers for Argo’s new thrusters and vector thrusters.

Argo May Update

Boy Scouts Earn Robotics Merit Badge

In early April, Boy Scouts troops from the Ithaca and surrounding area visited Cornell. With the generosity of kits provided by SeaPerch and mentorship from CUAUV and CUAir members, scouts constructed remotely operated submersibles made from PVC, film canister thrusters, and custom remote controllers. After lunch provided by Domino’s, students were able to test (and in some cases, crash test) their ROV’s in a small pool on Upson’s outdoor patio. Scouts were awarded their robotics merit badge to symbolize the day’s accomplishment. CUAUV had a blast working with the Boy Scouts again this year!

Boy Scouts Workshop

Team Attends National Robotics Week Kick-Off in D.C.

Over spring break, the team traveled to Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for the National Robotics Week kick-off event. Joined by CUAir, CUAUV participated in an expo with other robotics organizations and university robotics teams from around the country, and got a chance to present its team history and vehicle to a packed auditorium. CUAUV was excited to interact with other expo participants, where we got to learn from other attendees and share our passion for robotics with visitors. The team thanks the Smithsonian and National Robotics Week for letting us be a part of such a great event!


April Vehicle Update

The team has been very busy putting together more final touches onto Argo. The vehicle’s frame is largely assembled, and most of its enclosures have undergone successful leak tests. Electrical team has been working diligently to prepare its boards during integration, with boards housed in the UHPV having been connected to the vehicle’s backplane. Software continues work on its course simulator and controls, and have been working to ensure the vehicle’s computer is properly migrated into Argo. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and website to follow the vehicle’s latest progress!

Argo April Update