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CUAUV Joins Floating Classroom Project on Cayuga Lake

Ragnark onboard the MV Haendel On July 7, CUAUV boarded the floating classroom project and set course for the southern end of Cayuga Lake. The purpose of our visit was to observe the effectiveness of an herbicide in deterring the spread of Hydrilla, an invasive plant species, to the mouth of Cayuga Lake. Ragnark was deployed at Crowbar Point, on Cayuga Lake, transmitting video footage of the murky green waters to those on board the MV Haendel.


2013 RoboSub Competition Video Entry

Here's our video entry for the 2013 AUVSI Robosub Competition, showcasing our team as well as our new vehicle, Ragnark.


Summer Pool Testing

Ragnark at the pool. CUAUV has been spending the past few weeks testing Ragnark almost every night in Teagle Hall, one of the pools on Cornell's campus. We will continue to do so for the next few weeks, up until it's time to leave for the RoboSub competition in San Diego, CA. All mechanical and electrical systems are in place, and the software team is eager to test with all of our new mission elements!


Annual Boy Scouts Robotics Workshop

Boy Scouts
On April 27, CUAUV hosted our annual Boy Scouts Workshop in Upson to teach the scouts about robotics and talk about the team. The scouts spent the day building their own mini-submarines from SeaPerch kits. The finished kits are then tested in an inflatable pool. The scouts each earned a Robotics Merit Badge. Special thanks to everyone who came out to help and SeaPerch for the robotics kits!


Anodized parts for Ragnarok are in!

Anodized parts for Ragnarok We will be leak-testing Ragnarok tomorrow night!




CUAUV presented at BOOM-Bits On Our Minds-a showcase of cutting-edge student research in digital technology. It was so exciting to be a part of this amazing event and see all of the other projects!


CUAUV and SWE co-host Girl Scout Science Day!


CUAUV and SWE co-hosted a Girl Scout Science Day and loved teaching the girls about science and engineering! The day started off with a discussion about what engineering is and what engineers do. Then the girls split into different groups, rotated through activities and took a lab tour. The girl scouts animated their own artwork using thaumatropes. At the next station, Professor Walker White, the director for Game Design Initiative at Cornell, taught the girls about video game development. The girls used their own images on a blue screen to learn about background plates in filming movies. The girl scouts made their own "elephant ears" with cups to learn about soundwave propagation and acoustics. While the girls were in these activities, the parents listened to a presentation about how to integrate science and engineering into their troop's activities and took a campus and lab tour. The day ended with exploring the physics of amusement parks by constructing roller-coasters out of paper tubes and cardboard. They were so excited to share their creations with the rest of the group! AUV was so happy to work with SWE and the Girl Scouts and looks forward to it again in the future!


Announcing New Sponsors

CUAUV is glad to announce several of our new sponsors this year! 3Dconnexion? SeaPerch Sensata SGS Tool Company? We are very thankful for all the support we receive from our sponsors!


AUV at the Ithaca Sciencenter!

Sciencenter Slide_small.preview.png CUAUV had a fantastic time at the Ithaca Sciencenter's Showtime Presentation last Saturday! The presentation started with a discussion about what robots are, what submarines do, and our team. The talk was followed by several demos including a computer vision activity and the definite favorite- a torpedo shooting demo. It was great to see how enthusiastic all the kids were and how much they wanted to learn!


CUAUVs visit to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution!

Team Photo WHOI.jpeg CUAUV recently returned from a visit to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA! WHOI, established in 1930, continues to be a leading institution in ocean science and engineering. The day started with a fantastic breakfast followed by several tours of WHOIs engineering laboratories. In addition, the team was able to see various AUVs, ROVs, and HOVs including Alvin, a human occupied submersible that discovered the Titanic! The day ended with the teams presentation to the WHOI engineers and scientists followed by a question and answer session. It was great to hear suggestions and comments from the engineers and CUAUV thanks WHOI for hosting us!

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