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Visit to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

CUAUV members in Ithaca this summer were treated to a 3-day visit to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) at Cape Cod, MA. Not only is WHOI the largest non-profit oceanographic institution in the world, it is also the birthplace of autonomous underwater vehicles, including the REMUS, ABE, and SeaBed platforms. Cornell students toured the facility and engaged in lectures and tours from the researchers and engineers at WHOI. CUAUV's new vehicle, the Proteus was also presented.

Special thanks to Mr. Jim Clark, a longtime supporter of both Cornell and WHOI research for making our visit possible; to Jessica Traynor of Cornell's Alumni Affairs and Development office for organizing the trip; and most of all to the gracious hosts at WHOI for sharing their experience with us.

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