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Team Leader Spotlight: Joseph Featherston


What are you most excited about this year for AUV?

I’m really excited to see the main sub and minisub working together. Last year we were able to make a second sub (Loki), and it was really cool watching it go through the gate and follow a pipe at competition. However, we had very limited testing time with Loki and most of it was spent getting the basic functionality up and running. This year I think we will really start to see the two subs interact, which will be pretty awesome to see happen.

What has your experience been so far as team lead?

It’s been a pretty crazy start to the year: moving lab spaces across campus, recruiting new members, and handling all the other random things that come up. I’ve really appreciated all the work that the other leaders and the team as whole have been putting in. It has made my job a lot easier. Now that all the new members have joined and we’ve settled down into our new lab, I’m excited to start up pool tests and focus on designing next year's vehicles.

Who is your favorite band, singer, etc?

Of Monsters and Men

If you had a pet llama what would you name it?


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