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Team Member Spotlight: Angela Yang (Computer Science Engineering '18)

The fabulous Angela Yang

Why did you join CUAUV and why do you enjoy it?

I joined AUV because it was an opportunity to use my computer science abilities in ways that I couldn't in class. I wanted to work in a large team as opposed to partners or individually, to collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers, and to explore robotics, something I wasn't able to do in high school. I love seeing my work actually mean something other than a grade, whether that's making updates to print the sub on the screen or fine-tuning the physical movements of the sub as it completes a mission.

What is your current project on the team?

I'm working on the bins and navigate tasks. The bins task requires that the sub drops two markers into one of two bins (for maximum points), uncovers the covered bin, and then drops the markers into the previously uncovered bin. The navigate task is much simpler; the sub just needs to pass through a "field goal.” We get extra points for doing this with "style" though!

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

I'm inspired by the other members of the software subteam. Everyone knows so much and is so helpful, and as someone who only started coding last year as a freshman, they're great examples to look up to and aspire to be.

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