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Team Member Spotlight: Alan Lee (Mechanical Engineering '19)

Alan Lee

Why did you join CUAUV and what is your favorite part about it?

I joined AUV for many reasons. It was primarily because I wanted a hands on experience in mechanical engineering and AUV seemed like one of the best teams out there to acquire that experience. The thought of building a robotic submarine also seemed a little more unique to me than other project teams. Also, after I watched the 2014 competition video at the info session, I knew I had to apply!

What is your current project and what is the progress on it?

My current project is the downward manipulator on Thor as well as the custom pneumatic pistons that power it. I enjoy the challenge of this project because there some heavy space constraints on the size of the sub that lead me to implement a "scissor arm" that hasn't really been tried before. I really hope it works out alright.

Any cool summer plans?

I was planning on an internship, but then I realized that staying with AUV would be a blast, so that's what I'm doing instead.

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