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Recap of RoboSub 2014

CUAUV cheesing with our friend and another successful team, McGill
There is a profound proverb that states "time flies when you are having fun". That wise saying could not resonate stronger with the past week we've had in San Diego. Although we've had our fair share of unforeseen challenges, sleepless nights, 4AM early shifts, and endless debugging of the vehicle, we came out with another successful vehicle and a fantastic final run. But more importantly, it was an opportunity for our team to grow stronger, become closer, and more experienced. Towards the end of the final day, we participated in an AUV race formula-car racing style with our friend and rival, University of Florida. With both teams on the sideline and two vehicles in water, Krill counted down, and software members drove the sub. Subjugator bolted past, and Gemini was forced to eat Subjugator's bubbles.
Subjugator and Gemini in water preparing for the race
Both teams eager to see the result of the ultimate showdown between 1st and 2nd place teams
Much buildup to the anticipated AUV race
We really want to thank all the alumni that showed up to the competition. It was a pleasure to match the names we have only seen on prior documentation and old boards to actual alumni who were in our shoes couple years ago. We have been asked multiple times how we have been so successful in the past 3 years. It's because we are standing on the shoulders of our brilliant alumni who have paved the way for us in previous years.
CUAUV alumni rocking their old fun CUAUV shirts. Notice all the different colors in their shirts that represent history of CUAUV
Current and alumni of CUAUV electrical team
What a great year it has been. We have learned a lot this year, and we have become a stronger and closer team. We are excited to see how we can improve our next new vehicle. Here we go, RoboSub 2015!

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