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Day 6: The day we have been preparing for. Finals!

The final score chart. We secured all 6 elements giving us close to 20,000 in total
The day we have all been waiting for. Finals! We were able to witness Gemini perform one of the best recovery tasks since we have arrived at TRANSDEC. Although it dropped the 2nd mars rock and incorrectly grabbed a cheese on the 3rd grab, Gemini was successful in all the following 4 grabs. In the end, we had 3 rock and 1 cheese in one basket, and 2 cheese in the other basket. Although we didn't sort fully, we were able to get 2 times multiplier for each of the elements. Gemini spent only 15 minutes completing the recovery task, and had more than 10 minutes to attempt other aspects of the competition. It's been a while since other vehicles have given any consideration to power routing, bins, and torpedoes! Unfortunately, Gemini was only able to get so close to them. It failed to locate bins because it had driven past it, couldn't successfully initiate the power routing task, and crashed into the torpedo element because the background color and the wall of TRANSDEC were so similar. Overall, we had a very successful run that would secure us 1st place.
Gemini grabbing mars rocks with its pneumatic grabbers
Gemini attempting power routing
Gemini crashing into the torpedo element
Mark Lee was representing CUAUV on the Jumboscreen providing entertainment with Zoz Brooks during our run. Markus, at the end of the run, showed how ecstatic he was with his final successful run in TRANSDEC.
Mark commentating with Zoz as the vehicle completed its run
Markus giving his final speech at TRANSDEC

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