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Day 5: The 2nd Semi-final Run

For the first time during the competition, the unrelenting sun in San Diego took a break. Instead of the instant sunburn inducing brightness in TRANSDEC, ominous clouds hovered over us. This sudden difference in weather forecast meant bad news for many teams, for all of us have tuned our vision in the consistent sunny days in prior practice days.

score of the 2nd semi-final run. Cornell close to 18,000 pts and University of Florida right behind us with 16,000 pts.
Despite the gloomy weather and sudden downpour, many teams had significantly betters run today than in the 1st semi-final run. Improving from yesterday's mission, software adjusted the appropriate offset of the grabbers. In contrast to the 60% success grab rate in university pool, in TRANSDEC, we were missing majority of our grabs. The offset may have resulted from the tuning controls with tether connected to our vehicle, which would have caused slight difference from untethered autonomous runs. Fortunately, the software adjustments proved to be successful.
Gemini circumnavigating the red pole for maximum pts.
Considering our score from 1st semi-final run yesterday, we had high chance of qualifying to finals. However, we still aimed to perfect our recovery task. We were excited to see how many of the other teams were more successful today.
Gemini waiting on dock to run its 2nd semi-final run.
Valve enclosure, thruster board, and computer did not act up today, and we are hoping no more problems will reoccur for just one more day. Best of luck to everyone and see you tomorrow for the finals. Get a good sleep everyone!
Team members getting good sleep before final run.

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