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Day 4: The 1st Semi-final Run

More so than ever before, TRANSDEC was filled with energy, excitement, and anxiety. Local visitors were tent-hopping to understand what the competition was about, film crew from various media organizations were capturing the moment, and the mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, showed his approval of the merit and collaboration of teams gathering from across the globe to solve a challenge.

The score chart towards the end of the 1st semi-final day. Cornell leading with approximately 6000 pts.
This year, we can truly say that the biggest challenge in the RoboSub competition is the layout of the obstacle course itself. In previous years, select few top teams were able to successfully 'clear' the course. In response, Dave, the mastermind of the competition course, revamped the difficulty of the game by proposing challenges that are quite impossible to clear under the given time constraint. Given the demanding nature of the course, there was a need to implement something new -- something that could give us a chance against the monstrous course. In response, we developed OMR (optimized mission runner). OMR would allow Gemini to make intelligent decisions autonomously regarding which task to forego and initiate during any point of the mission. With inputs such as current vehicle location, respective element location, potential points and success rates for each element, Gemini would actively keep us on tip of our toes by making independent decisions on the fly.

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