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Day 3: CUAUV under inspection

Today was our final day of practice runs, as well as static judging. As usual, the first squad arrived at TRANSDEC at 5:30AM to secure our early slot for 7:30AM. Not too later, the 2nd squad joined with bagels and remaining tools.

Members of CUAUV rocking the traditional red polos
We started off the day continuing to improve our recovery task. Of the two attempts at hydrophones task, we secured all 6 K'nex lego pieces at first, and then 3 pieces (2 mars rocks and 1 cheese) in the latter attempt. The K'nex pieces located near the edge proved more difficult because the walls of the element obstructed many of our grabs. After sufficient testing time with recovery, we proceeded to test our forward manipulator (power routing task). Watching Gemini 'reroute power' on the side of TRANSDEC was not the most exciting part of San Diego because the element was located center of TRANSDEC, providing zero visibility. Fortunately, excitement level of the day sky rocketed when the JumboTron screen was installed towards late afternoon and live footage of our sub was now displayed on a giant screen.
Gemini casually rerouting power on the Jumbo screen.
To further fuel the excitement level, the first wave of CUAUV alumni and visitors started appearing throughout the day. There were pleasant catching up with former teammates, introducing freshmen, and showcasing our new vehicle. Today also consisted of Static Judging. With chic matching CUAUV polos and elegant Cornell University table cloth on display case, we rolled our vehicle into the judging room. Markus and Chris demonstrated eloquent prowess in presentation as they spewed knowledge. The judges were particularly impressed with our mission optimizer algorithm that exemplify intelligent autonomy in robotics. We wrapped up our last practice day with securing our semi-final run at 3:30PM for tomorrow (Friday). Best of luck to all teams tomorrow!

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