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Day 2: Fun with Valve Enclosure

Throughout the summer testing period, the frequent flooding of the valve enclosure has caused much trouble for the team. Failing valves, coupled grabbers, and sinking Gemini are just a few to list about the valve enclosure mishap. Yesterday at TRANSDEC was no exception.

College students use funnels for various purposes. We use it to prevent leaks in our robot's valve enclosure
After attempting different approaches to tackling the problem, we are excited with the success we've had with our new solution. We have actively filled the valve enclosure with Cutting Board (mineral) oil. Our logic was simple -- oil is minimally conductive, oil doesn't mix with water, and connectors inside the valve are located on the floor of the enclosure. For the first time, we were excited to have our valve enclosure flooded (with oil) and tackle the recovery task. We were jubilant to see a successful hydrophone recovery task without a sign of leak; all 3 grabbers secured 3 Mars rocks. At one point, Gemini got too hungry for some cheese and dragged the entire recovery element!
Gemini honing in on an acoustic pinger to complete the recovery task
Gemini got 6 practice times and 1 full autonomous run in TRANSDEC today. Software has made appropriate modifications to improve robustness of the power routing task and further optimize mission planner. We are excited for another full day of practice time, and best of luck to all other team as well!
Gemini being released into the blue waters of TRANSDEC to hunt for some cheese and mars rocks
Gemini out of water

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