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Hello, San Diego!

A few rerouted flights and airport switches notwithstanding, the second group of CUAUV members arrived late last night, partook in burritos, and quickly made their way to beds. We all got up this morning at a fairly reasonable hour (likely for the last time this week), acquired breakfast, and put fully-assembled Gemini in the small outdoor hotel pool for a brief spot of testing.

On our way to our hotel in San Diego. New scenery from the Ithaca farms and mountains.

Trim was adjusted and controls were tuned (slightly); luckily, mostly due to shipping the sub whole this year, only minimal adjustments were necessary. We also tested the critical "GoStraight" mission, necessary for semifinal qualification, and determined that the sub could, in fact, go straight.

Mark making final trim to Gemini at the hotel pool

We continued testing and debugging for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, making a few minor changes to our actuator system and re-epoxying the kill switch. The orientation in the afternoon spanned topics ranging from the Navy's policy on charged ion weaponry (strictly prohibited) to the probability of potential mohawks at the after-party (high). Various information relating to safety, security, and logistics was also covered, including some new TRANSDEC layout changes due to the record number of participating teams this year (TRANSDEC now split into 4 courses).

Enjoying our last day at the hotel before competition starts

After a brief team meeting in the evening to assign various competition roles (TRANSDEC element mapping, pneumatic and battery management), we proceeded to finish our locally-sourced Indian dinner (a few slight gripes regarding spiceness, but otherwise well-deserving of its Yelp rating: solid), pack one of our vehicles for the early shift tomorrow, move in all our gear from the poolside, and finally clear off enough of the screws, nuts, electronics, and other assorted small parts off our hotel beds in order to nestle our way into them in preparation for the early morning. See you at TRANSDEC!

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