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TRANSDEC, We Meet Again

Tuesday July 29th, 2014. Squad of 13 ambitious and eager souls set foot in TRANSDEC, the acoustic testing facility for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center. With the new policy enforcing randomized early practice slots among the first few teams that arrived before 5:30AM, there was no more of a mad-rush to arrive at the gates of TRANSDEC. The usual sunrise and the dawn dew of TRANSDEC welcomed us to the 2014 competition.

Mandatory photo shoot of TRANSDEC
The crew unloaded our tools, unpacked Gemini, and set our banners high in our tent. Just like all other teams, we were excited for the opportunity but also anxious about the challenges to face in the following week.
Brendon, Melissa, and Alex manning our new home for the next week
Our first few initial practice runs were dedicated to tune our vision and control. TRANSDEC water proved to be a wild and different beast than the more familiar Teagle indoor pool water. After qualifying for the semi-final by passing through the gate (yes!), we tested out pipes, buoy, wire, bins, pegs, and even recovery element.
Jeff approved run of hydrophones task. Great success!
First time Gemini diving into the deep waters of TRANSDEC

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