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Ragnark At Transdec: Finals Day

After a long, stressful, and very exciting day of finals, we put Ragnark in the TRANSDEC waters for his last time.

Markus Burkardt helping a volunteer Navy diver get Ragnark out of the water. Team members from left to right: Ellen Thiel, James Fu, Markus Burkardt
Team members lifting Ragnark into TRANSDEC and preparing the tether. Team members from left to right: James Fu, Ellen Thiel, Alex Spitzer, Markus Burkardt

We had had one practice run earlier that day where most of the run went well except that Ragnark had trouble detecting the pipe right after the gate. An exciting part of the run was when Ragnark was able to turn the steering wheel 1080 degrees.

A close up view of one of the software team member's computer screen.
A volunteer Navy diver guiding Ragnark back to the dock at the end of his practice run.
Alex Spitzer coding intently at the last practice run before sending Ragnark off to the finals.

At 1:00 the final runs began. We all watched the other teams compete, until it was finally our turn.

Ragnark's final run was probably his best run of the entire competition. He went straight through the gate, found the first pipe, rammed the orange buoy, drove sideways through the parallel parking gate, missed the first torpedo, got the second torpedo through the small hole, hit both bins dead center, shifted the lever, attempted but did not fully turn the steering wheel, and completed the pizza delivery task all with five minutes left on the clock.

Ragnark doing the pizza delivery, also known as the hydrophones, task.

Everyone was extremely happy about how the final run turned out, and proceeded to throw Markus Burkardt into the dolphin pool as is CUAUV tradition when we achieve first place.

Later that night was the formal banquet where they announced the official scores. After the ceremony, we disassembled Ragnark and packed everything up to be shipped home the next day

The final scoring for the 2013 AUVSI RoboSub competition:

1st: Cornell University 2nd: University of Florida 3rd: Far Eastern Federal University 4th: University of Maryland 5th: Harbin Engineering University 6th: Amador Valley High School 7th: National University of Singapore 8th: Falcon Robotics

Special Awards: Best New Entry: National University of Singapore Bang for the Buck: Daytona Beach Area Homeschool Best Paper: Cornell University Best Static: Ecole de Technoligical University Outreach (3-way tie): Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Carl Hayden High School, North Carolina State University

CUAUV would like to thank everyone that made this competition possible, especially Daryl Davidson, Pamela Smith, Susan Nelson, Cheri Koch, Stephanie Unkel, Dave Novick, Zoz Brooks, 5:00 Films, the Navy Volunteer Divers, and all of our competitors.

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