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Ragnark At Transdec: Day Three

A close up of our hydrophones sensors, carefully protected inside the frame of the submarine.
Ragnark in his full glory.

There was no time to laze around when we arrived early at TRANSDEC this morning, as the media had made their arrival as well! At 6:00, the local San Diego news filmed Ragnark taking a quick dip in the water, as well as talking with Markus Burkardt, CUAUV team leader, and other team leaders. There was also a Good morning San Diego shout out with competitors from lots of different teams, including Cornell, cheering in the background.

Team leader, Markus Burkardt, meeting with the local San Diego news for a morning interview right before the semi final run.

We had three practice runs on thursday, instead of the usual four, as pretty much all teams were signing up for TRANSDEC pool time by that point in the competition.

Although our morning practice runs started off to a slow start, Ragnark eventually picked up the pace, ending with some good autonomous mission runs. After a long showing of unusually cloudy weather in San Diego, the sun finally decided to show and we were able to test vision. Everything with tuning went smoothly, much to softwares surprise. We were also able to tone Ragnarks skills at driving with a steering wheel, making the centering success of the forward manipulation device more reliable.

A far away shot of the practice run at TRANSDEC, mid-mission. Team members from left to right: James Fu, Markus Burkardt, Edward Gong, Ellen Thiel, Alex Spitzer, Andre Vazquez, Thomas Brooks, Peter, Alex Malcoci
Ragnark being set free to do his thing in TRANSDEC.
The software team fixing some bugs they found after running a practice autonomous mission.
Ragnark going for the bins task, and soon after the torpedo task.
Ragnark making a pizza delivery to the drop off pinger.

Due to our placement as the third team to qualify for semi-finals two days prior, we got the third place for picking our time slot for the semi-final run on Friday. At 6:00, team leaders gathered around to pick their slots, and we ended up happily with an 11:00 semi-final run time.

That night, we were very kindly taken out to dinner at a local Asian-Hawaiian restaurant by a team members parents who were visiting the competition. As we waited for seating and food, software discussed the mission and their plan for the next day, and then the team was able to relax with some good company and delicious food.

Afterwards, some people from the team gathered to help out in preparing for static judging at the hotel. We helped out Markus Burkardt in putting a presentation together to be presented the next day for the judges. After that, many people, especially software, decided to call it quits for the day in order to get what little rest we could for the next day.

MechE Alex and software Alex having fun with power tools. They are fixing a problem we encountered with the mission start button on the kill switch, due to the Hall effect sensor not picking up the magnet.
Team members: Markus Burkardt and Ellen Thiel, checking out Ragnark before hoisting him into the water.

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