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CUAUV and SWE co-host Girl Scout Science Day!


CUAUV and SWE co-hosted a Girl Scout Science Day and loved teaching the girls about science and engineering! The day started off with a discussion about what engineering is and what engineers do. Then the girls split into different groups, rotated through activities and took a lab tour. The girl scouts animated their own artwork using thaumatropes. At the next station, Professor Walker White, the director for Game Design Initiative at Cornell, taught the girls about video game development. The girls used their own images on a blue screen to learn about background plates in filming movies. The girl scouts made their own "elephant ears" with cups to learn about soundwave propagation and acoustics. While the girls were in these activities, the parents listened to a presentation about how to integrate science and engineering into their troop's activities and took a campus and lab tour. The day ended with exploring the physics of amusement parks by constructing roller-coasters out of paper tubes and cardboard. They were so excited to share their creations with the rest of the group! AUV was so happy to work with SWE and the Girl Scouts and looks forward to it again in the future!

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