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2011-2012 Vehicle Frame Completed

This year's vehicle frame was designed with the idea that nothing should be mounted via bracket, but rather directly to the frame. By doing this, a light weight aerospace style frame was designed around the mounting locations of all necessary components, resulting in the lightest frame in team history. The frame comes in just under 2.5 pounds, nearly one sixth the weight of last year's frame. The frame was CNC cut from plate stock, lending itself to have a low cost of manufacturing compared to even a box frame. The frame consists of 5 solid pieces, forming 5 sides of a box, making this structure rigid and apt for our needs. The mechanical team is in good shape and is expecting to have the majority of the essential components machined before winter break. The electrical team is on pace to send out a large number of boards to be printed before Thanksgiving break. The software team is continuing to test in the pool using last year's vehicle, Drekar. A new vision algorithm is being tested with great results.

The vehicle ready on back of the boat

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