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First in Qualifiers!

Congratulations CUAUV on first place in the qualifying rounds! After a very competitive round of qualifiers, we finished on top with the most points. Joining us in the finals tomorrow will be University of Florida, ETS, University of Rhode Island, University of Maryland, U.S. Naval Academy, NC State, and Reykjavik University. For those unable to attend the competition this year, you can watch tomorrow's finals down below in an embedded video or at! There will be a live webcast starting at 1:00pm PST/ 4:00pm EST. Our run will start around 1:25, so be sure to tune in!

**Note: The embedded video has been removed from this page as it played as soon as the page loaded. You can find recaps and other videos at

As for today's recap, the day started off with a practice run in the morning. We mainly worked on bins trying to clean up the vision code from the last qualifying run. After that, we had a few hours off before our second qualifier. Similar to the last qualifier, this one was also very successful. We had a few more problems when it came to the hearts and bins today. We were able to successfully fire through the large heart on the first side, but got hung up for a few minutes on the other side. After firing a shot and missing, we moved on to the bins were we dropped one marker and timed out of the mission before the second could be dropped. The first landed again on the white fringe, similar to yesterday. We proceeded to the pinger and finished the final task with 30 seconds to spare. We believe the hearts problem was caused by an error in the code where the sub would not properly back up if it couldn't find the target, and the problem with the bins was caused by pitch control as well as not compiling code. We had a one more practice run shortly after, and the day ended by watching the other great teams in the competition and ironing out a few of the code problems.

Check back tomorrow to see how we did after the finals and be sure to watch the webcast at 1:00pm PST!

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