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First Few Days At TRANSDEC

A lot has happened during the last three days at TRANSDEC!

The first day started off early with a practice run at 7:30am, during which we were successfully able to prequalify by driving through the gate. After the gate, the rest of the run was mainly spent taking images of all of the tasks for vision testing later. Our second run was fairly similar, but we also tested control and several mission elements including path, the L, and hearts. Our third and final run of the day was mainly spent doing vision testing on the buoys as they proved to be rather difficult outside in the TRANSDEC water. It was here that we found out the sun in the afternoon looks very similar to a buoy and Drekar is great at tracking it.

Like the first day, we were able to get three runs in on the second day. This day saw much of the same work as the first (vision testing, mission elements, and control testing), but saw much more of an emphasis on mission elements. We ran into a problem with the hydrophones due to having pingers on both the practice and competition sides, but we were able to solve this after spending some time in the center of TRANSDEC (aka the "Love Shack"). In the end, we were able to get the hydrophones accurate to less than 1 degree. The day ended with a successful autonomous mission run with the exception of the bins and hearts, as the mission timed out.

Today (the third day) was the first day of qualifiers! Our qualifying time, determined the day before, was at 1:15. We were able to squeeze in a short 15 minute practice run in the morning in which we further fine tuned our vision code. The practice run was followed by static judging around 9:30, and another practice run around 11:30. Due to a delay in the competition, our first qualifying round began at 1:30. We had a fantastic run! We attempted every task, and successfully completed almost all of them. We missed one shot through the hearts (although we did make it through the small heart!) and landed on the white fringes of the bins on both attempts. The run really showed off just what Drekar can do, and we look forward to attempting it again tomorrow at our next qualifier!

Also, in searching for competition pictures and news articles online, we happened across this blast from the past on CNET: an article featuring our old vehicle Proteus at TRANSDEC! The coverage on CUAUV starts on slide 6!

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