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Pool and Bay Tests!

We were able to get our first bay and pool tests in San Diego yesterday! We did our first bay test early in the day and then a second in the evening. Each proved to be a great success, as we were able to further test our controls. Before the tests, we encountered a problem with one of the thrusters in which the motor would not start. After getting a new motor from SeaBotix, we resoldered and repotted a connection, which allowed us to get the motor up and running. The bay test was a great opportunity to test this new motor.

After the bay test, we recalibrated the DVL and were even able to squeeze in some time at the hotel pool. This gave us a chance to work a little more on controls and see how these affected our torpedo firing abilities (the results were good!).

Check in tonight or tomorrow morning for an update on today, our first day at TRANSDEC!

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