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AUV Competition 2010 Recaps and Tentative Standings

The AUVSI foundation have been posting a few recaps from the 2010 international AUV competition; these can be found on the AUVSI Foundation YouTube account or the AUV competition website. The day one recap covers Friday, the first day of qualifying rounds, and the day two recap covers Saturday, the second day of qualifiers. The day three recap covers the finals on Sunday. Finally, to hold everyone over until the official scoresheets are released by the AUVSI, CUAUV presents our records of the competition scoreboard and schedule. While we believe our ranking information and schedule to be accurate, the score tallies are only our best estimations; we do not know exactly how much partial credit judges awarded for certain tasks nor the static judging scores. The standings are available in the original ODS spreadsheet format or the XLS spreadsheet format. For convenience, we also have this data in (somewhat messier) tables on this site. A few notes about the notation used: P/S/O Wpn = Primary weapon, Secondary weapon, weapon of Opportunity, respectively. Buoy = hit any buoy (500 points) Buoys = hit correct two buoys in order (1500 points) Water = went in the water, but received no points None = skipped their run

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