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6 weeks to update

Our new hydrophones are working reliably! After a week of dealing with serial issues, the system is fully functional and tested on the vehicle. Yesterday, Tachyon ran five autonomous hydrophones missions from across the pool in a row, and easily homed in on the pinger and stopped directly above it each time. The new system is far more accurate and required almost no in-water tuning. In other news, Tachyon continues to perform well after its adventure in Cayuga Lake. Electrical and mechanical systems are fully functional, with mission specific elements (marker droppers, torpedo launchers, active grabber) being manufactured this week. The wire mess in the upper hull is gradually being contained. Our software is progressing rapidly as we work out bugs in mission and vision code. In addition to hydrophones mission, the vehicle is reliably doing the multiple buoy task, pipelines, and "grabbing". We hope to have the rest of the tasks working reliably by themselves by the end of next week so that we can work on full mission integration.

Tachyon approaches...Tachyon picks up the counselor

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