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CUAUV Wins RoboSub 2017!


Thanks to all the great work everyone put in last year, we are happy to announce that CUAUV placed 1st this past summer at the annual RoboSub competition! Cornell was competing against many other great teams, and the top 5 schools (in order) were Cornell University, Far East Federal University/ Institute for Marine Technology Problems, National University of Signapore, Harbin Engineering University, and Georgia Institute of Technology. This now makes CUAUV a seven-time RoboSub champion and we look forward to continuing to pursue our tradition of excellence!


New Member Spotlight: Kevin Ying (Electrical Team '20)


How did you find out about CUAUV, and what made you want to apply?

I found out about AUV through an event during Cornell Days, actually. There were a number of engineering-related clubs tabling at Duffield, and AUV was the most friendly and helpful group there. Once I got to Cornell, I started to see AUV members and t-shirts every time I went into Duffield, and I knew that I wanted to do electrical engineering, so the team seemed like a perfect fit for me.

What is your favorite part of Cornell so far?

My favorite part about Cornell has to be how nerdy everyone here is. There's a surprising amount of community bonding over problem sets, Smash, and computer hardware and I love seeing the passion that my friends - not just the engineers - have for their projects.

Who is you celebrity crush?

Taylor Swift. Is this even a question?


Into the Streets!


This fall, 12 members of CUAUV participated in into the streets. We worked with the Tompkins Public Library assembling Lego kits and completed a scavenger hunt to find all the cool resources that the library offers!


New Subs!

Old CUAUV members are back and ready to kick off this years new projects. We have some new faces joining our team, so shout out to all the newbies. There are a lot of pool tests planned and a few outreach events coming up, so definitely follow us on our social media (Facebook and Twitter) for updates!



Team Leader Spotlight: Joseph Featherston


What are you most excited about this year for AUV?

I’m really excited to see the main sub and minisub working together. Last year we were able to make a second sub (Loki), and it was really cool watching it go through the gate and follow a pipe at competition. However, we had very limited testing time with Loki and most of it was spent getting the basic functionality up and running. This year I think we will really start to see the two subs interact, which will be pretty awesome to see happen.

What has your experience been so far as team lead?

It’s been a pretty crazy start to the year: moving lab spaces across campus, recruiting new members, and handling all the other random things that come up. I’ve really appreciated all the work that the other leaders and the team as whole have been putting in. It has made my job a lot easier. Now that all the new members have joined and we’ve settled down into our new lab, I’m excited to start up pool tests and focus on designing next year's vehicles.

Who is your favorite band, singer, etc?

Of Monsters and Men

If you had a pet llama what would you name it?



Taking Home the Win


For those of you who do not already know, CUAUV has once again placed in the top ten at the AUVSI RoboSub competition. (We came in third place!!!) Our accomplishment is owed to each team member who worked tirelessly, and all the sponsors that made this win a reality.


Live Updates on Twitter from RoboSub

Can't make it to San Diego? Fear not! CUAUV is live-tweeting the event on our Twitter page! Stay tuned for updates throughout the week!


CUAUV 2016 AUVSI RoboSub Competition Video

Learn how our team designed and built two AUVs in just one year.


CUAUV 2016 Graduation


Congratulations to all of the CUAUV members graduating this semester! Thanks for all your hard work and we wish you the best of luck in the future.


Outreach, Outreach, Outreach!


As the spring semester is coming to an end, CUAUV has been very busy with public outreach events in Ithaca. We have had a variety of events including Caroline Steam Night, Trumansburg Middle School STEM Career Day, Girl Scouts Product Design Workshop with SWE, Bring Your Child to Work Day, and the RAW Expo: Glitch. All the events were a success and extremely fun for team members and participants alike. We will have more fun and exciting events in the future so stay tuned to our news page as the RoboSub competition nears!

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