About Us

The Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CUAUV) team designs and builds AUVs for competition and research. The team and its vehicle have received acclaim and support from industry professionals as a result of its performance and long-standing tradition of excellence.

The Team

CUAUV designs, builds, programs and tests a completely new autonomous submarine every year to compete in AUVSI’s international RoboSub competition. In August, we ship our sub down to San Diego, drop it in a recomissioned Navy testing pool, press the green button, and cheer it on as it navigates a complicated underwater obstacle course with no human intervention whatsoever: ramming buoys, dropping weighted darts on Space Invader-shaped objects, firing torpedoes through differently colored targets, re-positioning PVC structures and more.

CUAUV is entirely undergraduate-run, consisting of over 40 students spanning numerous academic disciplines. The team offers a holistic engineering experience developing cutting-edge technology; students control the entire design, manufacturing, testing and revision cycle. As a six-time RoboSub champion, CUAUV embodies a tradition of excellence and continuously pushes the envelope of autonomous underwater vehicle technology.

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Vehicles in Development

Software Subteam

Contact: Chesley Tan

The software subteam writes all of the code that executes on the submarine's main computer and any additional infrastructure and tooling. They also build auxiliary software such as simulation, visualization, and automation tools that enable us to efficiently develop mission systems that accomplish the requisite task.

Mechanical Subteam

Contact: Cora Peterson

The mechanical team is comprised of 10 undergraduate students across three subteams, the Actuators, Racks Caps and Cameras, and Structures subteam. Over the course of the year, the vehicle is designed in Solidworks, simulated in ANSYS, manufactured in house at the Cornell Emerson Machine shop, integrated and tested in Teagle pool, and finally taken apart and shipped to San Diego for competition.

Electrical Subteam

Contact: Julia Currie

The electrical team designs, populates, and tests circuit boards which provide power to the onboard electronics, interface with the various sensors, including a custom acoustic sensing system, and control the vehicle's actuators and thrusters.

Business Subteam

Contact: Tal Moriah

The business and public relations subteam is responsible for all business development as well as marketing and communications for the CUAUV engineering project team. The subteam publishes journal papers and newsletters, designs the official CUAUV website, and plans community outreach events. The subteam also manages the team’s finances and builds strong partnerships with sponsors.